A man is aiming to run 10 marathons in 10 days in 10 counties whilst dressed up as a breast to raise funds for a cancer charity.

Carl Orme, who is from Salisbury, began his trek across the country on October 14 and will complete his final on run October 23.

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Counties included Buckinghamshire are on his list and on October 16, he ran a marathon in High Wycombe.

Speaking before of the run, Carl said: “Those of you who’ve done the High Wycombe Park Run might recognising where we’re set up for marathon number three!”

He was joined by singer and actress Suzanne Shaw who also took part in the marathon.

Carl is raising awareness the Breast Cancer charity after his mum was twice diagnosed with the illness.

She has since recovered but Carl is hoping to help others who are suffering from cancer.

Her mum is also a survivor of skin cancer and has fought the illness five times.

On his Just Giving page, he said: “It is an awful disease that has touched so many lives and affected my mum, nan and friends.

“There are few of us who can say they don’t know somebody affected by it.

“I’m not only going to run the distance of 20 marathons by the end of 2020.

“I will also be doing various other events (ranging in craziness) to raise awareness, suffering suitably to feel I’ve earned the kindness and generosity of you all and finally to hopefully raise the target amount."

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Speaking after the run, he said: “I had a few difficult challenges but that is all done and dusted, now all on number four.

“I’m looking forward to it in a strange way just so it is done and out of the way, but still continue to raise the awareness, have honest conversations with people and because of the silliness, to put a smile on your face.”

“Covid-19 has had such a devastating effect on our whole lives, that despite my events being cancelled, I still wanted to do my very best to make a difference.”

Carl aims to raise £10,000 for the charity.

He is currently at £6,360.

To donate, visit www.justgiving.com/fundraising/carl-orme-20k.