Madagascar the Musical ‘move’s it’ to Waterside theatre.

The “must-see” Madagascar the Musical is coming to the Waterside theatre on September 19 for four nights.

The Musical is based off the DreamWorks animated motion picture, which follows Alex the lion and his best friends escaping New York’s Central Park Zoo and discovering Madagascar whilst being free for the first time ever.

2016 X Factor winner Matt Terry plays Alex the Lion in his theatre debut, following a successful career recording music across the world.

His role has been hailed “triumphant” by critics.

Local performer Connor Dyer stars alongside Matt as Melman the Giraffe and is excited to be performing at his home venue.

He said: “I feel so lucky to be doing something I love. The Waterside is a great venue that holds a very special place in my heart.

“I used to work behind the bar selling drinks and ice creams and now I’m going to be performing on the stage in a touring musical. It feels like a dream and is proof that hard work pays off.”

Tickets start from £13. To purchase tickets and for more information call 08448 717 607 or visit