Plans for 350 homes on a former Ministry of Defence site in Beaconsfield have been overhauled after the developer became locked in a planning battle.

Developers have included 79 affordable homes in the new Wilton Park development proposals, which also include completion of the long-awaited A355 relief road – which was feared to be in jeopardy last month after Inland Homes revealed it may not build its section of the road.

The developer said the planning application had been the subject of “healthy local debate” and it was important to explain how the updated plans have responded to the feedback received.

Inland Homes was locked in a planning dispute with council planners over the number of affordable homes in the redevelopment plans, initially offering 32 shared ownership homes as part of the plans for 350 homes in total.

But head of planning at South Bucks District Council (SBDC) Mark Jaggard rejected the number, Inland Homes said.

Group planning director Mark Gilpin said: “Since the acquisition of the site in 2014 Inland Homes have worked, firstly to support SBDC in preparing and adopting a development brief for the site, and secondly, to submit a planning application that complies with national and local planning policy.

“The application considers many technical and design matters, including the provision of affordable housing.

“The delivery of affordable housing in Beaconsfield is a key issue locally. It is also important that proposals are viable and can be financially supported alongside all the other community benefits and infrastructure investment.

“SBDC will consider the balance of the proposed benefits and have undertaken their own independent assessments of viability.

“We have listened to the feedback and our updated proposals reflect what Inland believe to be a balanced response that meets all the needs of SBDC, Beaconsfield, BCC and Inland Homes.”

Out of the 79 new affordable homes, 67 will be available for shared ownership and 12 at affordable rents. This makes up 30 per cent of the additional homes on the site, Inland Homes said.

The shared ownership properties will be available to local households with a combined salary starting at £42,000.

The developer has also committed to a new temporary home for the Beaconsfield Youth Football Club during the construction, before opening a permanent and upgraded facility, a new home for the local Air Training Corps and Army Cadet Force, a new and expanded nursery school and a new two-hectare public park as part of the plans.

Inland Homes said the plans would provide an “economic boost” for Beaconsfield as well as create new jobs.

Mr Gilpin added: “The council will be holding a new consultation on the changes we have made to our proposals. We will be speaking with local people and community groups to explain how the revised plans respond to previous comments.”

Speaking about the relief road, Mr Gilpin said: “Some residents doubted that an A355 Relief Road would be built. But with the County’s £7 million investment in the first stage of the relief road due to finish this summer, our development will enable the completion of the relief road’s ‘missing link’ between Minerva Way and the Pyebush Roundabout.

“The completed relief road will relieve tail backs through the London End Roundabout and improve local air quality.

“The illustrative layout has also been amended, reducing the area proposed for development at the eastern end of the scheme, and maintaining more of the site as undeveloped open space.”

He added: “Our plans for Wilton Park will create numerous opportunities for local people, from affordable housing, new sports facilities, job opportunities and a substantial public park.

“The site will be fully accessible for pedestrians and cyclists, and available to the residents of Beaconsfield for a range of leisure activities.

“The grant of planning permission for the redevelopment of Wilton Park will enable these opportunities, and as importantly will enable the completion of the southern section of the A355 relief road, which will help reduce traffic congestion and improve local air quality.

“Inland Homes do hope that with the changes made to the application, the redevelopment of this previously developed site will now be supported and planning permission granted, allowing the development to proceed.”

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