Bucks Council is due to consider a “licence to occupy” land next to Wycombe Air Park, also known as Booker Airfield, by a new tenant – for a price tag exceeding £500,000.

The proposal involves ‘releasing the land (known as Area A) for employment uses’, which will “generate a significant rental income stream for the council”.

The council owns 26 acres of land next to Wycombe Air Park, known as “Area A/Southside”. Terms have been agreed to let that area.

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The council cabinet will now face two recommendations:

‘To conclude negotiations, agree contracts, exchange and complete (with the prospective tenant) on the lease of land adjacent to Wycombe Air Park’.

‘To discontinue negotiations (with the confidential parties)’.

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Another option is to “consider a potential sale of the freehold of the property” – but it would mean “forgoing the rental income stream”.

Local councillors have been consulted and are “supportive of the transaction”, a document states.

“These property transactions will facilitate and bring forward the Area A land for commercial uses, as set out in the Wycombe Local Plan and bring employment to this location,” it adds.

The lease is subject to planning, according to a report.

The matter will be discussed during a cabinet meeting, on September 28.

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