Hugh Grant pledged his support for Dominic Grieve at a Marlow coffee morning.

Hollywood actor Hugh Grant attended a small coffee morning in Marlow earlier today (December 2), with independent candidate Dominic Grieve to give his support to the candidate and speak of how a Boris Johnson led government ‘terrifies’ him.

Dominic Grieve began the morning by speaking of the damage he believes a Tory government will do, again stating that he is advocating for a second referendum on Brexit with the information we now know.

Bucks Free Press:

Hugh Grant then followed at the event filled with some supporters of Mr Grieve and some undecided voters.

He said: “I felt that this time round is not an election like any other election we’ve had, I feel like it’s in fact a proper national emergency.

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“I really feel like it’s time for everyone and that includes myself to do something because I find the prospect of a Boris Johnson led government pretty terrifying.”

Hugh Grant tweeted his support to Dominic a few days prior stating that Mr Grieve was “brave” and that himself he is “going on the stump” to support some pro-referendum candidates with “great chances of winning Tory-held seats.”

Bucks Free Press:

Speaking with the Bucks Free Press, Mr Grant said: “I’m for the first time in my life doing a bit of campaigning for a general election just because I don’t think it’s like any other General election we’ll ever have – a national emergency.

"If Boris Johnson gets a majority it’s kind of the end of the United Kingdom both literally and figuratively, and I think there will be an inevitable no deal Brexit with the catastrophe with the economy and jobs.

"I’m just trying to do any modest thing I can to help prevent that and so I'm going to a series of marginal seats where the contender has a very good chance of unseating a Tory.

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"There is courage and eloquence being a principled politician in a country where that is increasingly rare."

He the added: "My little soundbite is that the constituents of Beaconsfield, they’ve got two choices, Dominic Cummings or Dominic Grieve, and I know which I would vote for.”

Bucks Free Press:

Dominic Cummings is a political advisor and was the campaign director of ‘Vote Leave’ in the 2016 EU referendum.

He is now senior advisor to Boris Johnson and the Express reported that Mr Cumming’s said that MP’s like Dominic Grieve should “be forced from public life in disgrace for their shameless dishonesty.”

Mr Grant is very vocal on twitter (@HackedOffHugh) about his political views, frequently sharing tweets which encourage constituents to vote tactically to avoid a Conservative majority this December 12.