A film crew were spotted in Marlow over the weekend, as they were shooting a movie which could be released this summer.

Spotted by Marlow resident Thishna Bharadia, the actors and crew were spotted by the town’s All Saints Church on The Causeway, where they were seen filming the picture, ‘All Those Small Things’.

According to IMDB, ‘All Those Small Things’, sees a long time British game show host, Jonathan Robbins, finds himself questioning his mortality and legacy after the recent death of a close friend.

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But when he comes across an unexpected letter from a young fan, he heads into the backwoods of America in search of deeper meaning of his life.

In a Facebook post, Thishna said: “If anyone’s wondering about the film crew that’s been in Marlow, I stopped to watch a bit of it this morning and got chatting with one of the extras.

Bucks Free Press:

The film crew were seen in The Causeway (photo by Trishna Bharadia)

“It’s a film called All Those Small Things.

"Someone who was also watching told me it is probably releasing in summertime but it’s uncertain whether it will be general release or not.”

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The news has brought a lot of excitement to Marlow, as rumours on Facebook have suggested that actor James Faulkner is set to star in the film, as passers-by said they saw him on set.

Faulkner has been in many blockbusters, which includes the three Bridget Jones films.