A woman who harassed Steve Baker and his staff has been fined after she breached a criminal order by visiting his offices.

In April 2021, Margaret Bushay, aged 56, was given a suspended sentence after she harrassed the Wycombe MP and staff at his constituency office, sending messages and making unwanted visits.

Bushay, of Bank Street in High Wycombe, was back in court a few days ago after breaching a Criminal Behaviour Order banning her from contacting Mr Baker.

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On June 7, Wycombe Magistrates' Court heard how Bushay was given the three-year criminal order when she was sentenced last year, prohibiting her from contacting Mr Baker or his staff in any way other than by a letter addressed to the House of Commons.

The court heard how Bushay breached the order when she visited the Conservative MP's constituency office in West Wycombe Road between April 27 and May 13 this year.

At the hearing, Bushay pleaded guilty to breaching the criminal behaviour order and to committing an offence while serving a suspended sentence.

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The magistrates fined Bushay £80 and ordered her to pay £34 in costs, but stopped short of activating her suspended sentence due to the"nature and seriousness" of her offending.

The criminal behaviour order will remain in place.