Legendary performer Lulu is set to rock High Wycombe crowds in a huge Autumn tour.

The Grammy-nominated singer will play hits such as 'The Man Who Sold The World', 'Relight My Fire', ‘To Sir With Love' and, of course, ‘Shout’, amongst many others, at now 70 years-old.

Lulu said: “It’s going to be a chronological journey through my career featuring anecdotes and hits over six decades. It’s the story of my life.

“I had to pinch myself at the time; now I’m pinching myself all over again when I realise how blessed I was. I’ve always said I’ve had angels on my shoulders.”

Despite her whirlwind successes and being a huge name after 56 years in the music industry, Lulu “couldn’t be more excited” for the upcoming tour.

Lulu performs at the Wycombe Swan on October 9, tickets start from £36 and can be purchased online at https://wycombeswan.co.uk/Online/tickets-lulu-wycombe-2019.