Two Year 13 students will go to the USA following their selection as student ambassadors for the UK on a work placement scheme.

Highcrest students Ellie Millward-Roberts and Linchy Pakeerathan, both 17, were picked to represent the UK as part of the Bridge to Employment programme run and funded by the pharmaceutical company Johnson and Johnson.

Ellie and Linchy had to give presentations and persuade a panel of five judges that they were the right people to go to America.

The students will fly to the States on October 1, where they will join student ambassadors from across the globe in New York before returning to the UK on October 6.

J & J’s BTE Lead for High Wycombe, Darshini Sharma, said: “We are excited for Ellie and Linchy.

“They have both already completed a successful week of work experience at our J&J offices in High Wycombe and the US trip will provide them with another steep learning curve - experiencing different cultures, as well as new ways of learning and working.”

J&J set up the worldwide BTE programme in 1992 to inspire young people to enrol in higher education, excel academically and pursue health and science careers.

The initiative has been run in 13 countries but, in 2016, Highcrest was the first school in England to take part.

Ellie said: “I am very grateful for the opportunities I have been given by J&J.

“The BTE programme has enabled me to develop skills and learn new ones, I recommend the experience to every young person as it’s great!"