Residents have reacted to plans to build dozens of new homes on a High Wycombe field.

Locals took to social media to voice their opinions after Bucks Council approved its outline plans for ‘up to 50 residential units, and 106 parking spaces’ off Horns Lane.

Reserved Matters such as appearance, landscaping, scale, layout, and access, will be dealt with at a later stage.

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But many people still had a lot to say about its impact on traffic, schools, and GP surgeries, not least wildlife.

While others took the view more housing is needed, and that the development is not necessarily “bad news”.

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Others still questioned what the new homeowners would think about being close to a motorway and airfield.

‘You can’t just keep building’

“Bad news for us,” wrote one person.

“Bad news because this is a high traffic route and is likely to add to congestion,” wrote another. “No mention of school, nursery, GP, dentist etc.

“You can’t just keep building new homes and not put in infrastructure to support it.”

“Why are we building more houses when loads of people have more than one and many more are empty?” wrote someone else.

“Let’s use what we have more efficiently before we destroy the countryside with new ones.”

“Interested in how the road exits will work with an already dangerous T-junction there,” wrote someone else.

“Who will want to live so close to the motorway and the airfield, hardly a healthy environment for families,” wrote another person.

“Such a beautiful field should be left as it is. So much building planned around the Clay Lane area, all that wildlife lost.”

‘We will always need housing’

“Why is it bad news?” replied another. “Where do you think people will live? We are overpopulating the world, we will always need housing.”

“Those who move into these homes will probably put a lot of time and effort in to complaining about Wycombe Air Park,” wrote someone else.

“Why all the angry and sad faces?” wrote another person. “We all need somewhere to live.

“Where ever you all live, I’m sure people had plenty to say about your homes being built, but you live there and think it’s OK.”

“Go for it, then wait for the new people to moan about motorway and airfield noise,” someone else wrote.

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