Plans to expand an HMO in High Wycombe have been thrown out – as neighbours feared parking in the area would have been ‘made worse’.

Bucks Council has refused a ‘change of use’ application by Mr Jamie Chapman for 112 Micklefield Road.

Plans outlined the ‘conversion from the existing six-person house of multiple occupation (HMO) to eight persons’.

Three parking spaces would have been lost.

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But the council said the scheme would “fail to achieve a satisfactory living environment for the future occupiers”.

It said there “would be an inadequate number and cramped layout of communal rooms and rear amenity area”.

Adding the “inadequate on-site parking” would “likely to lead to significant increase of displacement parking, to the detriment of public and highway safety”.

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One objector said more rooms would ‘make parking worse’, adding ongoing works at the property had been a disturbance “for months on end”.

“I object to adding more rooms,” they wrote. “You can hear the doors banging until late at night.

“We have children, and the walls are paper-thin as they have made the walls thinner to make more room.

“There is not enough parking in the driveway for all the cars at the moment, let alone adding more rooms.

“Cars are parked on the road outside our house and parking outside other people’s houses on the road – adding more rooms will just make this worse.”

They added: “We put up with the noise for months on end when they were redoing the house starting at 7-8am in the morning into the evening.

“My children were trying to have their naps and being woken by drilling and banging, sometimes for hours on end.”

The application was refused on September 17.

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