Exclusive photographs of iconic rock musicians are set to go under the hammer in a charity auction to mark Mental Health Awareness Week.

The portraits including Ed Sheeran, Stormzy, Debbie Harry and Pete Doherty, were all taken by rock photographer Simon Sarin who opened up his archives and is offering the one-off-prints with bids opening at just £10.

The auction launched today (Monday) and will run for three weeks.

The 24 images are a must-have for rock fans as Simon is releasing just one exclusive print of each including a never before seen picture of Debbie Harry.

Simon captured Debbie at an event to promote Blondie's collaborative album Pollinator, that featured guitarists Johnny Marr and Nick Valensi in 2017.

He said: "I was busy snapping those two when one of the team starting waving and making loads of gestures at me.

"I thought they were telling me to pack it in but they were saying 'get over here now as Debbie Harry's here and is ready to be photographed.' "So I dashed over to the other side of the Roundhouse in Camden and I only had about two minutes with her, but it was enough.

"If you look closely you can see me in the reflection of her glasses. I was bouncing my flash gun off the ceiling."

The one-off photographs are on display in a pop-up gallery in Chilterns Shopping Centre in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire.

Photographs include the Blossoms posing in a used car scrapyard, Jake Bugg suffering with a cold in a Notting Hill restaurant and Noel Gallagher posing as "his natural self."

Ed Sheeran fans can also bid on a unique photograph of the musician backstage with his arm in a sling following a cycling accident.

Simon said: "I was the only photographer backstage at a music awards event.

"Ed had been in a cycling accident and had two broken arms when I took this.

"If you look closely you can see the slings. When I saw him, I stuck my arm out to shake hands. Luckily he laughed."

Scottish rock band Biffy Clyro also feature in the collection from when Simon was sent to Exeter to photograph the multi chart toppers at one of BBC's Big Weekends.

He said: "They were staying in a suave boutique hotel that had a whitewashed cafe out back.

"I asked if it'd be possible to clear it out and put up some lights and spots. We transformed the hotel's coffee shop into a studio.

"I asked James, Ben and Simon to do the three wise monkeys, but they didn't have a clue what that was.

"So I had to explain 'see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil'. This was their own version of it."

Also up for grabs is an eccentric photograph of singer-songwriter Paloma Faith larking around at the Roundhouse Studio in London in 2017.

Simon added: "She was great to photograph. Fun and very charismatic. An all round cool person."

Having battled with his own mental health, Simon has teamed up with OasisArtBox, an offshoot of the Oasis Partnership which supported him when he struggled with chronic alcoholism and drug abuse.

Some of his subjects such as Pete Doherty and Professor Green have had well-documented drug and mental health issues.

The Community in Arts initiative fosters creativity as a route to wellness amongst diverse social groups, including those who misuse substances.

Simon said: "I'm very grateful to the Oasis Partnership for helping me turn my life around.

"I was in a very dark place due to chronic alcoholism and drug abuse. I really had hit rock bottom.

"The drink and drugs which were a crutch to my mental health issues had now become the main cause of them and, without the charity's help, I very much doubt I would be here, let alone have achieved so much in sobriety."

Oasis Partnership is dedicated to offering psychological and social support. All proceeds from the auction will go towards OasisArtBox community which is an extension of the charity's work.

To see the prints and make bids go to www.easydonate.org/oasis-art-box-2019.