Celebrity Chesham resident Russell Grant’s weekly Bucks Free Press horoscopes


People will blossom under your guidance. That’s why others look to you to take charge of a group project. Take this welcome opportunity to exercise your leadership skills. Being in the driver’s seat will remind you of how much you enjoy the challenge of leading a team to success. When an opportunity to better yourself arises, someone in the family will give you a push in the right direction. Family are supportive of your dreams.


A friend or colleague isn’t being especially cooperative. Your intuition is very strong and it won’t take you long to sense their mood. This will be all that’s necessary to ensure you act in a way that will help you avoid contact with this difficult person. Your health will seem to swing from one extreme to another. There will be moments when you’re feeling energetic and sociable and other times when you just want to chill.


Expect there to be a lot of involvement with friends, colleagues and neighbours. You find it rewarding to do kind things for the vulnerable people in your community and your help with a fundraising project will be appreciated. It can be hard for you to sleep at night when you are worried about money. Beware of spending beyond your means and think about putting yourself on a strict budget. This will bring peace of mind.


You long for harmony in the home and if you bite your lips you could get your wish. There may be the occasional moment when you find yourself at odds with a relative but choose your words carefully and this will keep the peace. A spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down. A new assignment will take a while to get off the ground, persevere. There will be a number of people involved in this project and there’s likely to be quite a lot going on.


Your kindness, generosity and compassion makes you a good friend, colleague and neighbour. It’s a great time to share your thoughts and feelings. You’ve always been honest with others and what’s great now is that your friends are being more open than usual with you. You’re ready to put long-term plans in motion. A lot about the future can be decided on and joint transactions will put you in a cheery frame of mind.


Travel will provide a welcome change of pace. What you would really love to do is jump on a boat, train or plane and get away from it all. If you’re planning on visiting a foreign country, learn a few phrases of the language to make your experience more pleasant. If you can’t get away, it won’t be all work and no play. Don’t be surprised if a number of party invitations arrive. There could also be a few romantic surprises in store.


You have a strong sense of justice and you believe in equality for all. So, if there’s something underhanded going on or if someone is trying to make money in a devious way, you’ll make certain they don’t get away with it. There’s an independent streak to your nature that’s on show now. Some people will be surprised to see that you can be assertive and even charmingly persuasive when you want to be.


There’s a tendency for others to want to call the tune at home. You don’t mind it when occasionally your partner sets the pace but you might feel, at the moment, as if you’re at the constant beck and call of the family. Don’t be surprised if you feel a need to get out and about and escape the confine of your own four walls so you can enjoy new pleasures and experiences. It will be fun joining in social activities and making new friends. Take a short trip just for the fun of it.


Friends who ask for your advice really do value your opinions. It isn’t a waste of your valuable time to offer guidance that comes from experience. You have a receptive audience for your ideas and suggestions. Now that people are starting to listen, it will be easier to gain the support of someone in authority. You’re making some adventurous plans and others are starting to see that despite the challenges involved, these are achievable.


Changes will be discussed in depth. Although you aren’t keen on some arrangements, you could be in the minority. For this reason, you might decide to keep your feelings to yourself. Just take a deep breath and go with the flow. A relative will have something to celebrate. You will be delighted to hear their news and this will sow the seeds of a growing excitement within the family. Don’t be surprised if you are asked to plan a party.


A partnership deal will go well. Contracts are signed, agreements are reached and this makes you less anxious. A legal professional who has your best interests at heart will approve the wording of an important document. Your mind is on your longer terms aims and aspirations and if you can get the support of your family or significant other, you will feel more confident about your ability to attain them all. Positive thinking is good for your health.


If a friend’s problems upset them enough to make them snappy, ill-tempered and irritable, you will want to do all you can to help them out. It may not have been your initial intention to devote so much time to other people but because you are sensitive and compassionate, you might be the only person to understand. You’re thinking of replacing an old or broken item. When you find yourself fantasising about a new car, computer or phone, it’s time to buy a new model.

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