Four teenagers who attend Great Marlow School have encouraged nearly all the school’s year 7 students to do their bit to fight climate change.

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Saskia Lablans, who is in year 12, along with year 10 students Gianaceese Soomal, Molly Lines and Amelia Hunter, run the school’s Amnesty International Youth Group and for the last two years, they choose a human rights issue where they aim to raise awareness and hope to battle those issues within the school, nationally and internationally.

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This term, the students have focused their attention on climate change and have inspired the year 7s to pose with a banner which says ‘Climate SOS’.

The banner has also been signed by the schoolchildren as well as the teachers and other members of staff.

The school’s Amnesty International Youth Group said: “We also hope to inspire these younger students to act on their own against climate change by displaying our banner in the school hall, as well as writing to our MP Dominic Grieve to get his statement on climate change.

“Inaction of governments around the world has resulted in devastating damage to the human rights of people across the globe.

“Research released by the IPCC states that in order to prevent catastrophic global warming.

“We must not exceed 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels, and yet we are rapidly approaching the point of no return for being able to decrease global temperatures and greenhouse gas levels.

“Our human rights will be abused, and this will be inevitable unless we can come together and act now.

Great Marlow School’s new stance on climate change is one of many initiatives that the town are coming with up, as Marlow is getting together to battle the world’s environmental problem.

Two new environmentally friendly shops opened in the town’s High Street this autumn (Seed1 and FourState), there are multiple signs across Marlow encouraging motorists to turn off their vehicles when stuck in traffic.

Additionally, Marlow Town Council launched the #SustainbleMarlow scheme in the summer.

This was where the MTC came up with ideas to make Marlow one of the most green places to live in the South East of England, which included promoting greener transport, reducing plastic waste, decreasing air pollution, creating an environmental performance index and working with local schools and businesses.