The Labour Party candidate who is set to stand in Buckingham in the forthcoming general election on December 12 has been unveiled.

David Morgan, who is from the county, is a former lecturer in constitutional law and politics and has worked as a regular contributor to the BBC and for many community radio stations.

He currently presents a radio show in Milton Keynes which focuses on citizens’ empowerment.

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Following the announcement, Maxine Myatt, who is the acting chair of the Buckingham constituency Labour Party, said: “David is a life-long member of the Labour Party who knows this area, and the issues that concern the people of Buckingham.

“He is an experienced campaigner whose integrity and character will be respected by the voters.

“I am excited at the campaign ahead.

“It has been 14 years since the people of Buckingham have had a real electoral choice.

“We represent the voice of the silent majority who have suffered years of austerity.

“Enough is enough.

“We need real change.

“David Morgan will be the voice of the many not the few.”

Looking ahead to the campaign, David Morgan said: “Buckingham needs a brighter and more hopeful vision for the future, for our children.

“This election is about values and what sort of society do we want to create.

“One based on justice and fairness for all, or one based on low-wages for the many and low taxes for the few?

“One based on protecting our environment and the most vulnerable in society, or one based on protecting privilege?

“Labour remains the main voice of opposition, of hope against the same tired Tory policies that bring despair to so many people.

“I want to give voice to Buckingham’s silent majority as 14 years without a vote, without a voice, 14 years of austerity, of hurt.

“This election is our chance to stand up and reject the politics of division and poverty.

“It is time to decide who we are as a community – do we want a society that works for the many or just the few.

"Now is the time for real change.”

The election will take place on December 12.