Plans to make a traveller site bigger have been refused – amid claims it is “already over-populated”.

Bucks Council turned down a ‘change of use’ application by Mr O’Connor for land at 128 Heath End Road, Flackwell Heath.

Plans detailed the ‘extension of the existing traveller site, to allow for the siting of five additional mobile homes’.

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There was also mention of ‘two additional touring caravans, alongside the additional five pitches’.

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“The households originally occupying the site now have older children who have formed their own households and are in need of accommodation,” a planning statement read.

Adding: “Whilst the application site lies within the Green Belt, and therefore constitutes inappropriate development, which is harmful by definition, it is submitted that there would be very special circumstances.”

“The proposed development is considered to represent inappropriate development in the Green Belt and is therefore by definition harmful to it,” a council decision notice reads.

“The increased number of caravans will result in the spread of a built form of development across the entire site, which will have a significant and detrimental impact upon its visual and spatial openness.

“The very special circumstances advanced by the applicant are not considered to outweigh the harm by reason of inappropriateness or any other harm.”

It adds: “Insufficient information has been provided to demonstrate that sufficient off-street car parking can be provided on site.

“Therefore, the Local Planning Authority cannot be satisfied that this proposal will not result in additional cars parking on the adjacent highways, to the detriment of highway safety, the free flow of traffic and the convenience of local residents in the vicinity.”

Several objections were raised.

Mr Harold Mitchell alleged: “The site is already over-populated as witnessed by the discharge of laundry water onto adjacent footpath causing public hazard by smells and danger to walkers. Much larger wastewater containment would appear to be necessary.”

Another resident wrote: “There will be increased traffic entering and leaving the site, on what is already a busy road.

“There are parked vehicles on the verge, path and roadside from occupants of the site.

“This is already a danger to pedestrians, particularly mothers with young children and students.”

The application was refused on September 23.

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