Magic for the whole family is coming to Maidenhead this autumn.

After a decade of performing duo Morgan and West are touring the country with their show ‘Unbelievable Science’ and will be playing at Norden Farm Arts Centre in Maidenhead on October 28.

The pair are renowned for their onstage exciting experiments, and they’re both more than qualified having graduated Oxford University with degrees in physics and chemistry.

This show was a real success at the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh and was nominated for the Primary Times Children’s Choice Awards.

Audiences “can expect captivating chemistry, phenomenal physics, and bonkers biology in this fun for all the family science extravaganza.”

Fires, explosions, lightning on stage, optical illusions, mass audience experiments, and 3D shadow puppets will be demonstrated in the exciting show.

Morgan and West both being qualified teachers have a passion for learning and love being able to bring families together to discover what science and nature has to offer us all.

The new show combines their showmanship with genuine scientific knowledge to amaze audiences of all ages.

Rhys Morgan of Morgan and West spoke about the characters they take on whilst performing. He said: “We love dressing up and what better excuse to wear frock coats, double breasted waistcoats, and brightly patterned cravats than Victorian fashion? The facial hair it affords you is pretty fun too.

“We were also very much influenced at the time by the golden era of magic, when the line between conjuring and reality was blurred – much like the line between mind reading and reality is these days. All in all, it’s excellent fun to play characters on stage who are a little larger than life.”

For more information visit, tickets start from £9.