Dominic Grieve has lost his seat in Beaconsfield after 22 years as the town's MP. 

The 63-year-old, who first became the town's Member of Parliament in 1997, entered the election as an Independent candidate but lost to Conservative rival Joy Morrissey.

Grieve got 16, 765 votes to Morrissey's 32, 477.

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Following the defeat, Mr Grieve said: "I want to thank the hundreds of volunteers who came to support me in standing as an Independent candidate in this constituency, and in particular for the help the Liberal Democrats gave to me, in which they were joined by many who voted for other parties in the last election, including many Conservatives.

"This is not the place to discuss the future so as far as I'm concerned, the past 22 years I've had as an MP for this constituency has given me the most immense privilege and I leave Beaconsfield with the happiest of memories of friendships, and of work done.

"As for myself, I will go now to do all the other things that have been on my mind for a long time."