Another Deliveroo protest took place in Aylesbury as workers fight for better working conditions.

Around 15 drivers and riders congregated in the Waterside car park in the centre of the town as they refused to deliver orders, following a long battle over pay and poor treatment.

This was one of many protests against the firm which took place all over the country on Wednesday, April 7.

In the previous protest in Aylesbury at the end of March, the drivers and riders formed a convoy and rode/drove in unison across the town, whilst tooting and honking their horns.

The company has been accused of cutting the wages of drivers and riders, with claims of their pay being ‘inconsistent’.

There was a lot of support for the drivers and riders in Aylesbury

There was a lot of support for the drivers and riders in Aylesbury

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Former Uber driver and the current President for App Drivers and Couriers Union, Yaseen Aslam, who is from High Wycombe, said: “In this country, I fought Uber for seven years and the court actually confirmed that you can’t misclassify workers as self-employed, and then deny them their rights.

“What we are demanding is fair play, dignity and respect.

“The workers are entitled to the minimum wage, holiday pay and respect – basic rights.”

Footage from across the country has shown numerous drivers and riders stand in solidarity, with many other drivers and riders demonstrating outside the company’s headquarters in London.

Several drivers and riders who were in Aylesbury today [April 7], also shared their experiences.

The drivers met up in Aylesbury by the towns Waterside Theatre

The drivers met up in Aylesbury by the town's Waterside Theatre

One said: “I am losing money by not working right now but if we don’t put the effort in then, we will not see the results.

“At the end of the day, we work for other platforms as well as there is too much inconsistency with Deliveroo.

“With Uber and Just Eat, at least we know what we will get for each delivery.

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“With Deliveroo, you can get one price for one road, and later on in the day, that same road will be different.

The protests were nationwide

“Sometimes, I can do a delivery in Berryfields in Aylesbury which is right on the other side of the town for £3.80, but if I do one which is closer to where I live, it could be £4, so where is the consistency in that?

“It is just not fair.

“At the end of the day, we want to work and deliver but we want it done fairly.

Another said: “Now, we reject jobs that we think are just not worth it.

“The time it will take us to receive the job, ride or drive to the pick-up point, wait, go to the address, then go back to your pick-up point, so 20 minutes to half an hour, you can only get £3.50.

Thousands of riders across the county went on strike

“To do two in an hour, you’re not even getting minimum wage.

“We need to put our foot down now as it will get harder as lockdown eases, as more people will be dining out.

“Treat us fairly, that is all we are asking.”

Another said: “Who would be happy not to be paid and not to be treated well? No one will be happy and everyone is angry.

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“That is why we are here to express our anger and let them know that it is not right and it is not fair.

“They can’t be treating people the way they are.

There were many riders on strike across the country

“Eventually, change will come as they have got no choice.

“The pay is decreasing, and we are doing more work.”

In a statement that was published in the national media, a spokesman from Deliveroo said: "Riders in the UK are paid for each delivery they choose to complete and earn £13 per hour on average at our busiest times.

"We communicate with thousands of riders every week and satisfaction is currently at an all-time high.”