A company at the centre of a feud with residents who say their lives have been made a “living misery” by queuing lorries has put forward plans for a new HGV parking area to try and stop the problems.

Residents living on Warrendene Road in the Hughenden Valley have complained that HGVs are using the road as a waiting bay to get into a nearby landscaping business site, Country Supplies – prompting them to launch a petition.

Cllr David Carroll, who supported his residents' petition last year, said their lives are being made a "misery" by the lorries, which have reportedly even turned up at 6am some days, causing safety, pollution and traffic issues.

Discussions have been ongoing with Country Supplies, who have decided to put forward plans for a new car and HGV parking area with a new one-way access from Bryants Bottom Lane into an area of land adjacent to Oakleaf Farm.

Country Supplies says the area will “facilitate delivery and loading and unloading of vehicles, therefore enabling the site to operate more efficiently without the risk of HGVs stacking on surrounding roads waiting to access the site”.

A new yard operations manager will also be able to control access to the site, which is currently grazing land within the Green Belt.

All vehicles would access the site from a new access and internal road off Bryants Bottom Lane, but it does mean 14-metres of unprotected hedgerow would have to be removed to make space for this.

No trees will be removed and extra planting will be done to screen the area and create a “buffer zone” between nearby homes and the new parking area.

The existing in/out access at the junction of Bryants Bottom Lane, Warrendene Road and Hatches Lane will also have improvements made to it, including new road surfacing, improved road markings, new surface water drainage gullies and cleaning and repairs to the existing drain system.

Plans submitted to Buckinghamshire Council say: “As a local responsible employer, Country Supplies is reacting to resident concerns over vehicles accessing the site.

“As such the owner is proposing to offset the impacts the business is having on the surrounding highway network and the impacts on the residents, as well as improving the local highway infrastructure, by proposing at his own cost a heavily landscaped parking area with new highway access and junction improvements to the Bryants Bottom Lane and Warrendene Road junction.

“The fact of the matter is that the owner has a permitted development with all the relevant approvals and planning consents in place to undertake the daily operations of the business and does not need to undertake these works to continue trading, however acting as a responsible business owner he is proposing to undertake these works at considerable cost to appease concerns of residents.

“Therefore, failure to secure planning permission would therefore have a detrimental effect on local people.”

View and comment on the plans using the reference 22/05000/FUL at the wycombe.gov.uk planning portal.