Chepping Wycombe Parish Council has been left “deeply disappointed and frustrated” following a fire at Flackwell Heath’s local playground.

Police are investigating the blaze that destroyed playground equipment in the village's recreation ground on Tuesday night August 2) as a suspected arson attack.

The parish council confirmed the park would remain closed as it continues to be a crime scene.

Once it reopens the parish council will look into fencing off the recreation park at night or installing CCTV cameras.

A security team had been hired by the parish council but they were due to patrol the park later on that evening.

Earlier this year, a similar investigation was launched on April 2 in which the same playground equipment was damaged by a smaller fire.

The parish council revealed that their security team was able to “successfully deliver” the arsonist to the police with "accompanying evidence".

A spokesperson said: “The council is committed to ensuring that whoever is responsible for the serious arson last night will similarly be brought to justice.”

Bucks Free Press:

The chairman of Chepping Wycombe Parish Council, Cllr Katrina Wood said: “This is yet another appalling incident which only penalises our children who will now be without somewhere to play in Flackwell Heath for the foreseeable future.

“If this was a deliberate act of vandalism then I cannot understand how anyone could carry out such a pointless and dangerous action.

“I would urge anyone who can shed any light on who was responsible for the arson attack last night to bring this to the immediate attention of the police.

“I cannot thank the fire brigade enough for their quick response and for preventing what could have become a far more dangerous situation.

“We will continue working with other authorities to investigate as matter of urgency what other measures could be taken to deal with this on-going anti-social behaviour and, in extremis, we may have to consider permanently fencing off the recreation ground and locking it up at night."

Bucks Free Press:

Arif Hussain, deputy cabinet member for community safety at Buckinghamshire Council, said: “Unfortunately, there has been anti-social behaviour and criminal damage carried out at this park.

“We want this space to be respected and enjoyed by everyone, which is why we have been working with the Parish Council and local police to tackle the ongoing issues.

“Chepping Wycombe Parish Council (who manage this park) will be looking at CCTV options, as well as reviewing the lighting in the area to reduce any possibility of antisocial behaviour.

“We are supporting the Parish Council to identify all possible options to resolve these issues and keep the park safe for all.

“Meanwhile, we urge that all antisocial behaviour is reported to the police, so we can try to prevent this from happening in the future.”