Bucks will face Tier two coronavirus restrictions when lockdown ends on Wednesday.

This means the entire county is at ‘high alert’, but this could change again after two weeks.

The news received mixed reaction from Bucks Free Press readers, with some branding it “utterly ridiculous” and others saying it was “inevitable”.

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Writing on Facebook, Ian Anderson said: “The more we do that they ask of us ,the sooner we get out of this mess. And just maybe we can get back to a near normal life again,” and Richard Braddick wrote: “Delighted – we live in Burnham, our neighbours just down the road [Slough] are Tier 3. Be grateful it could always be worse.”

Irene Jones said she still could not have her children or grandchildren visit her at home under the new rules, adding: “Tier 2 just feels like lockdown under another name,” while Jenny LeBrun said: “Can’t see family but can go clothes shopping, get hair done and go out for a meal! Doesn’t make sense.”

Tracey Moore wrote: “Doesn’t really feel much different to now. Only difference being that the shops and restaurants will be open and we can do non-essential travel again.

“Rather tired of it all, but we must persevere. Hopefully, we can have a little bit of normality by spring.”

While Jenny Roblett said: “Bad, bad, bad! Utterly ridiculous and a total con. Absolutely sick to death of this,” and Bryn Gosney said: “Tier 1 doesn’t work, so inevitable really.”

Under the new rules, residents will not be able to meet other households indoors apart from in a support bubble, but will be able to meet in a group of six outdoors, while pubs and bars will have to close unless operating as a restaurant.

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People will be able to visit non-essential shops, which will be allowed to open in all three tiers, as well as go to the gym, hairdressers and cinemas.

A number of readers were worried about some pubs not being able to reopen, with Ben Cuthbertson writing: “Can sit in a pub and have a burger and a pint, but not just a pint? How does the food part make it ‘safer’ or more socially responsible?” while Sharon Meredith said: “I don’t get it – in the second lockdown I went into town and sandwich shops and coffee shops were open.

“How’s that essential? Don’t see how going to a restaurant is any different to going to pub.

“Pubs need to open or we lose them for good.”

The rules are set to be slightly more relaxed over the Christmas period, with up to three households able to form a ‘Christmas bubble’ between December 23 and 25.

They will be able to mix indoors in private homes and stay overnight, visit a place of worship together and in outdoor spaces, but will not be able to have a meal at a pub or restaurant together.

The bubbles will be fixed, so people will not be able to change them on different days.

But some residents are worried this could cause a surge in cases, with Jackie Pearce writing: “Tiers are not going to help, as come Christmas and allowed to have three households in one place for a few days will put us back to square one.

“Just tired of all rule breakers and I’d rather have family healthy than dead in the new year – just saying, [it is] priceless having family around.”

And Malcolm Stevens said: “We’ll be back in lockdown after Christmas, people are bound to break the rules over the five days,” while Amber Harris wrote: “Just feels weird that I can’t go out for an Xmas day meal with my parents but I can cook for them in my house.”