A Carousel bus forced passengers to alight on the side of a road in Denham after hitting a car and a lorry last week.  

Lukas Ross, a passenger on the 104 Carousel bus service on May 18, felt the bus was travelling “unusually fast” between Gerrards Cross and Uxbridge.

The bus had just passed the junction with A412 travelling on Oxford Road A40, when the passengers’ morning commute was interrupted.

Mr Ross said: “Just after passing the traffic lights, the driver knocks into the car on our right, then knocks into the lorry on the left, smashing the window at the front to smithereens.

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“Luckily everyone was unhurt, but the front window was all over the floor, therefore making leaving the bus very unpleasant.

“Everyone on the bus and all the witnesses were visibly shaken.

“Luckily we were able to just get on with our day, but had someone been sitting next to the window which smashed, it would have made for an ambulance on the scene.”

The bus pulled up on the kerbside near a petrol station and everyone was able to walk off the bus, he said.

Some angry passengers and a lorry driver confronted the driver.

He said: “I was shaking quite a lot, so I made my way out of harms way.”

Mr Ross contacted the Carousel customer service after the incident.

They told him they had been made aware of the incident by the driver, and they would look into the facts using tracking and CCTV systems as part of a thorough investigation.

A Carousel Buses spokesman said:

"We can confirm one of our vehicles on service 104 was involved in a low speed collision moving away from traffic lights in the Denham area on May 18.

“No one was injured in the incident and a full investigation into the cause of the collision has been launched. Carousel Buses has an excellent road safety record and collisions involving our vehicles are a rare occurrence.

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"All our drivers undergo rigorous on-going training and uphold extremely high standards."

The report of the incident came after other passenger complaints involving Carousel Buses after services were missed in Chesham, and elderly passengers’ concerns because of route changes.

The company has told previously that emerging from the Covid pandemic has left it with staff shortages.