A driver has been reported and their car has been seized in Jordans.

In the evening of Wednesday, January 20, the motorist was allegedly seen shouting at officers following an accident in the village.

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After the officers spoke to the driver and ran a couple of checks, it was later revealed that the motorist had no car tax or MOT.

Chiltern and South Bucks' tweet 

In a brief tweet that was published by Thames Valley Police Chiltern and South Bucks, they said: “Our attention was drawn to this one when the driver started shouting at us.

“Apparently, we weren’t clearing up the earlier crash quick enough.”

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This comes a few days after another driver was reported in Bucks, as police discovered a child in the boot of their car in Denham.

The driver, who was stopped on January 16, also had no licence, insurance, MOT, tail lights, and had three bald tyres.