More rapid testing sites have opened in Buckinghamshire this week as Amersham and Buckingham are the latest places to have sites.

Aylesbury and Wycombe first opened testing sites opened on February 3 in a bid to help identify asymptomatic cases of COVID-19 in Buckinghamshire

Now rapid tests are also available in Amershamand Buckingham for anybody who needs to leave home to work or volunteer.

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The tests are free and take around 15 minutes offering a quick way for people without symptoms to find out if they have the virus.

Cllr Mark Winn, member for Aylesbury East said: “It’s vitally important to get tested regularly if you are in contact with other members of your community.”

“We all need to play our part in defeating this virus and keeping our families and communities safe.

“If you have to go out to work or volunteer no matter what you do – delivery driver, care provider, taxi driver, shop worker, volunteer at a food bank or vaccination centre or anything else that means you are in regular contact with your community I urge you to get tested”

Buckinghamshire Council leader Martin Tett on the sites

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Around one in three people who are infected with COVID-19 have no symptoms so people are encouraged to get rapid testing if they need it.

Gareth Williams, Cabinet Member for Communities and Public Health said: “We are delighted that we now have four rapid testing centres open in Buckinghamshire.

“This is such an important step in the fight against the virus.

“We all need to play our part in defeating COVID-19 so if you leave home to work or volunteer getting tested is a really positive step you can take to help protect your community. “

For more information on opening times or to book a test visit here.