Buckinghamshire Council deals with thousands of planning applications every year.

They range from house owners wanting to build an extension to new homes, shops, businesses and even chopping down trees.

Here are five of the best projects announced from last week - the council will now consider whether each should go ahead.

1590 AD, Burton Lane, Monks Risborough

This listed building could be made bigger after a plan to erect a new two-story extension was submitted.

In the plans, the developers also wish to convert the store and loft in order to create an annexe accommodation.

In the new accommodation, there will be two new dormer windows, rooflights and other internal alterations.

Hill View, Longwick Road, Longwick

An application has been submitted to the council to convert the properties barn from an agricultural barn into a residential property.

Included in the plans are alterations to the inside, and associated parking.

29 High Street, High Wycombe

The current office space on the High Wycombe high street may be converted into two flats.

The office space will be retained on the ground floor.

13 Chalklands, Bourne End

The bungalow that currently exists at the address will be demolished in order for a new three bedroom detached home to be built, should this plan be approved.

Field House, Beacon Hil, Penn

A large oak tree will be reduced by 2.5 metres, with the leading stem being reduced by three metres, should the plan be approved.

The reason for the work is that the current trees are very tall, with a couple of trees that had grown too large falling in the same area.