THE future of a wine and food business hoping to extend its hours and create a space to educate customers about artisan produce is now in the hands of the council.

The Wendover Wine and Food Trading Co Ltd applied to Bucks Council for a variation of its premises licence, at 2 Pound Street, in Wendover.

Alcohol sales for consumption, both on and off the premises, are already in effect.

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It now seeks to vary that licence to include ‘a barn as part of the licensed area’ to be used for ‘wine training, tasting, and training sessions’, for a maximum of ten people.

The company also wishes to add an additional hour at the start of each day for the sale of alcohol.

It also wants to show educational films, play recorded music longer, and offer “late-night refreshment” (Friday to Saturday, 11pm–midnight).

Its current hours are Monday to Thursday, 10am–11pm; Friday to Saturday, 10am–midnight; and Sunday, 10am–10pm.

Under the requested variation, alcohol sales would begin an hour earlier.

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But despite some objections received during a 28-day consultation, none of the objectors appeared to defend their positions during a licensing sub-committee hearing, on June 8.

Some had cited possible “noise and disturbance”, while others felt the venture “will cause a nuisance”.

But a company spokesman previously said the business is “looking to create an environment where people who enjoy good wine and food can come to buy, consume and learn more about these products in a professional and mature environment.”

In the meeting, the applicant added: “All I want to do is bring something good to the community and to compliment what we have in this town.”

At close of business, the licensing sub-committee retired to consider the application. It will contact interest parties directly with its decision.

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