The leader of Bucks Council has won permission for a home extension – at a meeting where colleagues joked about ‘not letting it pass’.

Bucks Council has approved an application by Cllr Martin Tett for his Little Chalfont home.

Plans detail a ‘single-storey rear extension’ that will “attach to the southern elevation of the main dwelling in situ of the existing rear conservatory”.

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Members did not discuss the application during an East Bucks Area Planning Committee – but instead joked about giving Cllr Tett “at least a squeaky moment”.

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“We can’t let this one pass, can we?” joked Cllr Jane MacBean. “Considering it’s our favourite councillor.

“No, this has come to the committee as a formality because it is a colleague putting it in.

“There is a cheeky bit of me that would love to recommend refusal, but I don’t think we’d get away – we can’t let it go by though without giving him at least a squeaky moment.”

“There’s nothing more to say on this, really,” added Cllr Mark Flys. “It’s only here for constitutional reasons.”

He proposed members accept the recommendation for conditional permission.

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