CLAIMS that a disgusting bin room at flats is being neglected by the council has been rebutted by the same local authority who said the facility is being improperly used, sometimes by non-residents. 

Bucks Council hit back at criticism over the state of a bin store at Noble House, on Chequers Avenue, in High Wycombe, saying contaminated bins and waste dumped on the floor had made the safe removal of rubbish ‘challenging’.

The response came after a resident called out the council and the managing agent, Thames Valley Housing, online.

Bucks Free Press:

Resident: 'This is the lovely view we have' 

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The resident complained about the “service they get”, claiming the mess “happens throughout the year”.

But the council argued “incorrect items” had been put in recycling bins and that waste had also been dumped there by non-residents.

Images show bins overflowing with bags, and litter carpeting the floor.

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“This is the lovely view we have every time we take the rubbish down to the bin room,” the person wrote online.

“Residents of the block pay £300+ in tax and service charge and yet this is the kind of service they get.

“This happens throughout the year. It only takes a few days for the rubbish to pile up like this. It can even be worse than this.”

Bucks Free Press:

Council: 'There is a problem with the use of this bin store'

A Bucks Council spokesman said: “We can see that reports have been raised to suggest there is a problem with the use of this bin store.

“This includes reports of contaminated recycling bins (incorrect items presented for collection) and waste dumped on the floor, presenting a challenge for the crews to access the bins safely.

“There is also anecdotal evidence to suggest the bin store is used by others (non-residents) to dump waste.

“The council will engage with the managing agent and residents to address these concerns and behaviours, in order to improve facilities for residents and collection crews.”

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