ESCAPED inmates and increased traffic problems are among the council’s objections to a new prison which could hold between 1,400 and nearly 1,700 prisoners.

Buckinghamshire Council voted to agree its draft response to a government consultation for a new category C prison, which could be coming to the village of Grendon Underwood in 2025.

In its response to the Ministry of Justice (MoJ), the council largely objects to the new facility, which would be “one of the largest in England and Wales”, it writes.

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It is concerned about its appearance and its impact on the area, adding residents consider it “a blight on the local landscape and an eyesore in what is otherwise a tranquil and remote location”.

Bucks Free Press: PICTURED: An artist's impression of the new facilityPICTURED: An artist's impression of the new facility

It also fears increased noise owing to “demolition and construction work”, as well as light pollution.

Traffic movements will also increase “considerably,” it writes.

Disruptions caused by the construction of HS2 and East West Rail (EWR) will be compounded by more HGVs tearing up highways, causing traffic delays, muddying roads and creating vibrations, it claims.

It also fears the 600 jobs promised will in fact be “short term construction” roles, benefitting non-local firms.

In its response, the council also questions a feasibility study by the MoJ.

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“Worry and fear” among locals over prison escapees – based on current HMP Grendon Springhill numbers – will also go up, it claims.

Bucks Free Press: PICTURED: An artist's impression of the new facilityPICTURED: An artist's impression of the new facility

“There is significant concern, particularly from parents, around community safety and safeguarding,” said deputy leader Angela Macpherson.

“We have seen a number of escapes from…Springhill. That is very concerning for people and it is scary.

“We also know that, because of the prison location, there are sadly drug dealing and drug drop-offs people find in hedgerow nearby.”

She added: “People are worried about their children.”

If plans go ahead, the new prison could be built on land immediately north of HMP Grendon, a category B prison, and HMP Springhill, a category D or open prison.

There could be six four-storey house blocks, each with 240 prisoners, and support buildings including a kitchen, workshops and a central services hub.

In its response however the council does mention the possibility of seven new blocks for 1,680 prisoners.

Bucks Free Press: PICTURED: The gates of HMP Grendon Springhill PICTURED: The gates of HMP Grendon Springhill

Plans also include kennels, polytunnels, perimeter fencing and a perimeter road for patrols.

There could also be up to ‘500 parking spaces and a football pitch’, according to Cllr Macpherson.

Works could begin in 2023, subject to a planning application approved by Buckinghamshire Council.

Members voted to approve the response, with plans to enhance the council’s stance on the environment and the impact on local housing.

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