A school will make changes to its entrance to tackle ‘problem parkers’.

Buckingham School is seeking £19,439 from the Buckingham and Villages Community Board to make alterations to its front entrance due to “long-standing” parking issues.

Drivers allegedly park in front of the entrance stopping vehicles getting in and out, it claimed.

The money will be drawn from a £413,018 pot, if approved.

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“Buckingham School has a long-standing issue with cars parking in front of the entrance which does not allow vehicles to enter or exit,” a council document reads.

“They have therefore requested to undertake a project to install dropped kerbs and emergency access outside the school which will deter road users from parking there.”

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A council spokesman said: “The Buckingham School scheme is currently going through our due diligence process and we would expect a decision in the next three weeks or so.”

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