A planning application will be submitted to turn an area of Marlow into one of the world’s leading film and TV studios.

The proposal, which could see the former landfill site next to the A404 at the Westhorpe junction be transformed into a state-of-the-art television and film studio, is currently being led by a local team who are working collaboratively with various stakeholders, which include the Chiltern Society to get the ball rolling.

If given the go ahead, 5,000 jobs could be created and despite the project being in its early stages, the plans are to be the subject of a public engagement process, before a planning application is submitted for approval later this year.

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Robert Laycock, who is the CEO of Dido Property Ltd, which is a film company that is orchestrating the plans, said: “This is just the beginning of an open conversation where we want to meet and listen to the local community to better understand their views and opinions, so they can actively shape the regeneration this phenomenal project offers.

“Buckinghamshire needs to work hard to retain its global leadership in this important and competitive sector, and this campus will put Marlow at the very heart of one of the world’s greatest creative opportunities for generations to come.

“Providing for the home-grown and internationally significant talent across all areas of production, and an essential place to work for our talented actors, craftspeople, crews, technicians and designers has never been more urgent.”

Other notable film sets in the county are Pinewood Studios in Iver, the National Film and Television School in Beaconsfield, and Denham Film Studios in Denham.

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This news also comes around nine months after an area of Little Marlow was taken over by a film studio, which was used to shoot the latest Star Wars movie.

Mr Laycock continued: “The team behind this have lived and worked in the area all our lives, and we are passionate about delivering a project that we, and the rest of the community can take real pride in.

“Our approach will be fundamentally led by quality of design, and this will be an exemplary place to create a thriving new creative community to work alongside Marlow’s culture, ambitions and opportunity.

“We are looking forward to beginning the work of engaging with local stakeholders to gather essential feedback before the plans are fixed for submission to Buckinghamshire.

“Our involvement as individuals will continue long after the studio opens for business to the world’s greatest talents.

"This is all about a making a thriving place which raises the bar for the film making experience.

"It is all about the long-term legacy.

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“Securing and updating Buckinghamshire’s heritage in this fast-moving sector is central to the announcement.

“An arc of world-leading institutions and facilities in the region provide this site a unique opportunity to deliver new jobs, skills and apprenticeship in a flagship British industry.”

Soundings (https://soundingsoffice.com) has been appointed as independent consultants to spearhead the community engagement and consultation throughout planning procedure.

The company’s role is to support discussion, ensure all parties and stakeholders are properly informed, record and report on all community feedback, and deliver updates on the emerging concept design.