Fishing wire tied between two trees has been labelled a "malicious act" by the Woodlands Trust who said a "serious injury" could have been caused.

The trust is currently in discussion with Thames Valley Police about the incident but has confirmed Bisham Woods has now been made safe since the fishing wire was found on January 10.

They have also said that the trust will be "increasing the regularity of checks at the site".  

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It is also claimed that "planks of wood with nails sticking out" were found in the park as well as "logs deliberately wedged in places to detail cyclists".

Emma Mansey said: "My son went to ride his bike through Bisham woods and came across fishing wire that had been tied between trees over the path.

"He also found planks of wood with nails sticking out that had been hidden under piles of leaves.

"He also said on other occasions he has come across logs/branched deliberately wedged in places to detail cyclists, this is something that a few other people have come across too.

"Obviously wire takes it to a whole other level, he was incredibly lucky that he took a different route and went to go up the path before riding back down, which is when he spotted it.

"If had ridden straight town he would have gone straight into the wire at speed, it could have been horrific.

"Obviously this doesn’t just affect people on their bikes, but horse riders and anyone else using the woods."

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A Woodland Trust spokesperson said they will "continue to work with local police”.

The spokesperson added: "We are extremely alarmed to hear of this malicious act which could have resulted in serious injury to users of the wood.  

"Our site managers are currently discussing this incident with Thames Valley Police and can confirm the site has now been made safe.

“All our sites are open free to the public year round for the enjoyment of everyone.

“To help us keep this site open and safe for all users, we would ask for people’s help in sticking to the designated public rights of way."

The Free Press has contacted Thames Valley Police and will provide any updates given.