A woman from Aylesbury is raffling off her home ‘for the same price as a coffee’, due to the financial crisis caused by the current pandemic.

Wendy Grace, who is a single mother of two, has opted to sell her house via a raffle due to the 'uncertain times’ that the country is in, as the UK continues to battle the ongoing Covid-19 crisis, which has taken the lives of 121,000 people since March 2020.

Her house could be the first one to be sold in Buckinghamshire via the raffle, with Wendy being ‘overwhelmed’ with the support she has received.

Wendy lives with her two children in Aylesbury

Wendy lives with her two children in Aylesbury

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She said: “I have been ready to move into a bigger home for some time and lockdown has made me more determined to do so.

“My two children and I are currently working, learning, playing, cooking, and dining in one living space and it's taking its toll.

“We dream of moving to a three-bed [house] with a garden closer to my twin sister for support.

"Even though we have outgrown the place, many would dream of owning a lovely two-bed apartment in such a great location.

"In these times, when so many people are finding things difficult, I've found it so heartwarming that people have got behind me and joined my family on this journey.

The living room in the house in Aylesbury

The living room in the house in Aylesbury

“It feels amazing to know that I will be giving someone else a fantastic opportunity of owning a mortgage-free home whilst giving my children the space we dream of."

She also revealed that the house being sold via a raffle is ‘a life-changing opportunity for one lucky winner’, and whilst she never envisaged her home would be sold via a scheme like this, Wendy has been ‘trapped by the economy’ as she plans to find a new home for her and her children.

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The prize will be drawn by April 3, 2021.

The kitchen in Aylesbury

The kitchen in Aylesbury

If not enough tickets are sold, a cash prize will still be won for the amount of 75 per cent off the revenue raised (the remainder goes to Raffall where it is hosted with Wendy keeping her property).

According to Wendy, 'tickets are selling fast' with the prize being guaranteed to be over £34,000.

Wendy, who works from home, continued: "I am so driven knowing that this is going to change someone's life.

The bedrooms in Aylesbury

The bedrooms in Aylesbury

“The winner could live in it mortgage-free, rent it out, or sell it on.”

You can follow progress on the house's sale by visiting Facebook.com/prizehomebucks or @prizehomebucks on Instagram.

For more information, visit wininbucks.co.uk.