A Bucks thug who was already in prison after slicing a man’s throat in a pub brawl has had his sentenced extended after he sent a violent message on Snapchat.

Brandon Broomhead-Fox, aged 24, formerly of Holman Street in Aylesbury, sent a threat on the social media app to his victim, Paul Newman, while children were present.

The message, sent on July 24, 2020, contained a “serious threat of violence”, Wycombe Magistrates’ Court heard on November 15.

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Broomhead-Fox, who was locked up for three years earlier this month after he pleaded guilty to grievous bodily harm, will now serve an additional four weeks behind bars.

The court heard how Broomhead-Fox also sent a threatening phone message to Mr Newman on August 16, 2020.

Before the magistrates, the thug pleaded guilty to two counts of sending a letter or communication conveying a threatening message, receiving a two-week sentence for each offence.

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Broomhead-Fox will now have to serve three years and four weeks behind bars. He was jailed for three years on November 5 after he admitted to a count of grievous bodily harm.

At the sentencing at Amersham Law Courts, the judge heard how on June 21, Broomhead-Fox attacked his victim with an empty pint glass, hitting him in the neck and slicing open his throat, narrowly missing a major artery.

After he was arrested by police, officers discovered several dangerous weapons in Broomhead-Fox’s car, including an extendable baton, a metal golf club and a baseball bat.

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