Two men from Aylesbury have been fined after they were caught attending an illegal rave in Wales.

Luke Horwood, 18, and Dean Horwood, 37, were collectively fined £1,064 after they were seen at a four-day unlicensed music event, which took place over the August Bank Holiday Weekend last year.

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The event, which had four stages, was held in the village of Banwen in South Wales, and attracted between 3,000 and 4,000 people.

At a special court hearing at Swansea Magistrates on Monday, January 11, Luke Horwood and Dean Horwood were two of 10 defendants who pleaded guilty to gathering outdoors with more than 30 people.

Gathering in large groups violates the Welsh Government’s legislation on coronavirus.

Luke Horwood was given a £200 fine, had to pay £85 in costs, as well as a £34 victim surcharge, whilst Dean Horwood was given a £600 fine, had to pay £85 in costs along with a £60 victim surcharge.

In total, the 10 people who were caught were given more than £6,000 in fines.

Sentencing each of the defendants individually, District Judge Chris James told them that their actions in travelling to the event during a global pandemic, when clear restrictions were in place and ‘our public health services were bending under the strain’, was ‘wholly and utterly socially irresponsible.’

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Addressing one defendant, the judge said: “The regulations were designed to prevent the spread of a serious virus, one that’s affected our nation and indeed the world.

“They were designed to protect the public.

“[Attending the rave] was a flagrant disregard to not only the regulations but to your own social responsibility.”

The defendants were told their individual actions contributed to significant harm caused to the residents of Banwen.

The court also heard that the village’s residents were unable to sleep due to ‘the amplified music’ and were witnesses to anti-social behaviour including ‘abusive and intimidating behaviour’ with ‘litter, faeces and drug paraphernalia left in the streets.’

The cases against 10 people who failed to attend were adjourned until January 29.

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They all face the same charge of gathering outdoors in Wales with more than 30 people, contrary to Welsh Government coronavirus legislation.

A 36-year-old man will also appear on that date, to face a charge of being involved in organising the unlicensed music event.