A 22-year-old woman who has helped produce shows at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival has been praised for her new role…by working as a customer assistant supporter in Aylesbury’s Asda branch.

Charlotte Dukes took up the position at the supermarket in May, following the cancellation of several theatre productions due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

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After graduating from university in 2019, she has since worked at the Fringe Festival, as well as on several Shakespeare productions and a pantomime.

But due to the pandemic which has put the entertainment industry on its knees, Charlotte refused to dwell and took up a job at Aylesbury’s Asda, which is directly opposite Stoke Mandeville Hospital.

And due to her hard work and attitude, Charlotte was recently nominated for a service award by her colleague Joanna Henderson, who says she delivers brilliant customer service with a friendly smile.

Joanna said: “Her customer service skills mean that she goes above and beyond and always has a happy smile on her face.

“This may be far from her chosen career which we will lose her to again all too soon, but she has embraced it.

"The theatre industry will definitely win in the end.”

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Charlotte then said: “In my other role, I have to be quite flexible, as one minute you can be setting the stage and the next you’re helping to dress the actors.

“Last year, I did panto in Sevenoaks in Kent where they put me in a giant panda costume as I was the only one who could fit in it.

“I generally say yes if I’m asked to do something.

“If someone can show me how to do it, I’ll learn.

“When I’m working backstage, I have to do a lot of quick thinking and problem solving and I feel like I’ve really benefited from that here.”

“I was a bit nervous coming into this, to be honest, as it had been a while since I’d been in a customer service role, but once you’ve spoken to the first few customers and you know where things are, you’re fine.

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“I just had to ask so many questions in those first few weeks as I had to learn things quickly.

“I wanted to be able to help as much as possible.”