The mayor’s annual civic service took place on Sunday, June 9.

Marlow’s leader, Richard Scott, welcomed those who live in the town as well as some important names across Buckinghamshire at the All Saints Church.

Notable people who arrived at the service where Sir Henry Aubrey-Fletcher who is the lord lieutenant of Buckinghamshire, Julia Upton, Buckinghamshire’s high sheriff, Dominic Grieve and the Chairman of Wycombe District Council, cllr Paul Turner.

Mayors from the surrounding areas were also in attendance with reverend Dave Bull leading the service.

Mayor Richard Scott said: “This civic service is further evidence of the community spirit that exists in our town and demonstrates that the Council and all the town organisations can work together to support our community.

So, thank you all for attending and for the work that you do, much of it unpaid, for the organisations and charities that you represent.”

Readings were given by Hilary Martin, Town Clerk and Jocelyn Towns, who is the leader of Marlow Town council.