Unsuspecting drivers are being hit with parking fines after Bucks County Council started enforcing the rules in Beaconsfield Old Town.

A disgruntled driver – who wanted to remain anonymous – accused Bucks County Council (BCC) of “profiting from parking confusion” after enforcement officers started ticketing cars on London End, even though there is no signage.

Close to the White Horse pub, there are “spaces” which drivers say look “almost identical” to the common land areas, where there are no parking regulations.

Shoppers have been parking there for years – but now confused drivers are being hit with parking fines for doing so.

Complaining to the paper, the anonymous driver said: “Without the provision of additional signage, [they] are issuing tickets.

“The issue has been highlighted to BCC whose only response to date is to state that they are entitled to ticket and have no plans to introduce additional signage.”

The Bucks Free Press asked the council what was going on – and a spokesman for their transport arm, Transport for Bucks (TfB), said they have started enforcing the double yellow lines in the area.

They said: “TfB is enforcing the yellow line restrictions that cover the full highway extent.

“This enforcement came into place following complaints regarding safety issues with vehicles reversing into the flow of traffic at a busy junction.

“Warnings were issued in advance of the new enforcement and we are continuing to monitor the area to ensure safe parking.”