'THEY still do not care, throw away the key.’

That was the message from the brother of Amir Shafique after a court heard about an ‘unpleasant’ video in which two of the 22-year-old’s killers were seen dancing in their jail cells.

Nasim Khan, of Ruskin Way, Aylesbury, and Charlie Irwin, 23, of Radnor End, Aylesbury were yesterday (January 21) sentenced to a minimum of 20 and 21 years behind bars for the murder of Amir Shafique at Lembrook Walk in October 2020.

They were sentenced after being convicted in November 2021.

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Soon after learning of their convictions, a video was posted to a Snapchat account showing Khan and Irwin dancing in their prison cells.

The short video, which was played to the court in front of Amir Shafique’s family and a judge, also showed a stereo playing loud music with the defendants speaking to the camera to say “we’re still smiling.”

Amir Shafique’s brother Mohammed recorded the video and sent it on to police.

In a victim statement, he said: “Upon seeing these videos, considering the timing of them, I felt angry.

“They have shown no remorse for their actions.

“They still do not care, throw away the key.”

Defence barristers for Khan and Irwin were forced to awkwardly explain their client’s actions in the video to His Honour Judge Paul Dugdale.

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Hossein Zahir QC, defending for Khan, 24, said the video was "unpleasant", "distasteful" and "it should not have been made.

However, he added: “This video is neither taunting nor abusive, it is intended to be an expression of these two men to be able to cope with what is coming.

"As stupid and distressing as [the video] is, we invite your honour to see it for what it is."

Diana Ellis, who defended Charlie Irwin, explained the 23-year-old’s motives for the video.

She said: “Since he has been convicted, he has been informed prior to the making of the video that his family had heard there were other people out to attack him.

“The video was to show his family and people that knew him that they were alright.

'It was a ridiculously stupid act of bravado. It was childish.”

Three other young men were sentenced at Reading Crown Court yesterday.

  • Mohammed Wasim, aged 20, of Thrasher Road, Aylesbury, was handed a 10-year prison sentence for manslaughter
  • Ishmael Shah, aged 24, of Cotterills Lane, Birmingham, was handed a nine-year prison sentence for manslaughter.
  • Bertie Turvey, aged 22, of Henry Road, Aylesbury, was handed a seven-year prison sentence for manslaughter.

Reading Crown Court heard how Shafique’s death came from an organised fight after the convicted men accused him of ‘snitching’.

Miranda Moore QC, prosecuting, said: "This group of young men had elected to meet with the deceased and his friends to sort out an argument which had escalated arising out of Mr Khan and Mr Wasim a 'grass', as he had made a witness statement relating to witness intimidation in a totally unrelated matter.

"Amir Shafique told his brother he was hoping to sort it all out that night.

"The incident took place over two or three minutes from the cars pulling in to Khan and Irwin being at the area of the grass where Amir was stabbed to death.”