A PUB will see its hours extended and build a new outdoor bar – despite fears it could lead to anti-social behaviour.

Bucks Council has granted an application to vary the premises licence for The Eagle on Amersham High Street, submitted by Punch Partnerships Limited.

The plan includes an additional 30 minutes for the sale of alcohol and opening hours – as well as layout changes, including extra seating, new screens, a food counter, and an outdoor bar in the rear garden.

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Sale of alcohol from the external bar will stop at 10pm – and the outside gate connecting the garden to the recreational space known as Barn Meadow will be locked also at 10pm.

Several objections were raised during a 28-day consultation, with “significant concerns” about the potential for “increased noise disturbance” – while some were also worried about a rise in anti-social behaviour, including public urination and littering.

Bucks Free Press:

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The pub said it wants to create a better experience for its customers.

One objector named David said the scheme was “totally unnecessary”, adding: “Men come out of the pubs and urinate against my house already, this elongated opening time would only make this worse with more drunk people.”

Lynda in Old Amersham: “I am emphatically not in favour of any of the proposed time extensions. I feel residents have more than enough late-night noise to contend with as the licensing hours are now.”

Janet: “I have lived here for thirty years and whilst I realise the pubs are all wanting to increase their turnover after Covid, there has been a history of problems regarding this pub’s clientele since 2014.”

Chris and Emma: “By allowing an external bar servery it will encourage people to ‘spill out’ from the small garden and into Barn Meadow. This area is used by all members of the public and they do not need to ‘trip over’ empty bottles, glasses and crisp packets.”

The applicant: “We are seeking this in order to take the pressure off the main bar servery inside the premises at peak trading times, to facilitate social distancing, and to create a better customer experience.”

Opening Hours

Monday to Thursday – 8am – 11.30pm

Friday to Saturday – 8am – 00.30am

Sunday – 9am – 11pm

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