The Amersham and Chesham hustings took place on December 7 at the Amersham community centre and was attended by the four candidates running for MP: Conservative candidate Cheryl Gillan, Labour candidate Matt Turmaine, Lib Dem candidate Dan Gallagher, and Green candidate Alan Booth.

Brexit was unsurprisingly a large focus of the evening, with many questions from the audience surrounding this issue.

Former MP for the area Cheryl Gillan repeated the famous Tory slogan of “let’s get Brexit done” as well as emphasising that “if you do not honour the referendum you do not honour democracy.”

To this Lib Dem Mr Gallagher responded that the Conservatives have “let down the 17.4 million voters who voted to leave” and felt that there was never a plan for Brexit nor is there one now.

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The atmosphere was heated surrounding this subject with audience members being mostly dissatisfied with Ms Gillian’s responses, with one member of the public highlighting the fact that the constituency “was mostly remain.”

Labour and Green candidates reiterated that they want another referendum.

More local issues were highlighted such as HS2 which all potential MP’s oppose, with Green candidate Mr Booth stating that his party were the only party to oppose HS2 completely.

The age of voting was discussed and host for the evening Gerry Griffiths asked the audience to raise their hands if they believe 16-year-olds should be able to vote in another EU referendum and elections, to which most of the audience did.

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All candidates other than Ms Gillan believed 16-year-olds should be able to vote as she’d “like to protect children’s childhoods.”

The candidates were finally asked whether they think the leader of their party is a good role model to younger generations.

The Green, Labour, and Lib Dem candidates all gave a straightforward answer of yes, however Cheryl Gillan stated that “it depends what you want to do in life” whether Boris Johnson would be a good role model.

Ms Gillan also said that he was a “free, interesting, and lively spirit” but added that “I’m not sure if I was his mother, I’d support everything he does.”