All bring-bank recycling centres in the South Bucks district will be scrapped following criticisms people were ‘misusing’ the sites.

Last year, plans were revealed to scrap all 32 recycling centres in the Wycombe, South Bucks and Chiltern districts – ahead of the launch of a new joint waste collection contract in spring 2020.

South Bucks District Council’s (SBDC) cabinet met on Wednesday (February  6) and agreed to give the green light to proposals to close the remaining eight sites in the district.

A report published by SBDC said businesses are failing to dispose of trade waste correctly as ‘little effort’ is made to separate it, resulting in ‘excessive levels’ of contamination.

Members also approved plans to charge residents for lost, stolen or damaged rubbish and recycling bins under new council plans to save money.

The authority wants to bring the service in line with what is offered in the Wycombe and Chiltern districts – where residents are required to pay for waste containers.

Residents who move into a property where there are no rubbish or recycling bins will also have to pay for new ones, if SBDC’s plans are given the go-ahead.

SBDC says the charges will deter “time wasting” requests for bins that do not actually need to be replaced.

A report presented to SBDC’s cabinet said: “The introduction of charging is not only recommended to reduce the pressure on budgetary expenditure, but also to encourage residents to take greater responsibility for their containers, and to encourage residents to properly look for their ‘missing’ containers before seeking a replacement.”

In December, members at Wycombe District Council (WDC) agreed to scrap the remaining bring bank reycling centres in their district.

Environment chief at WDC, Julia Adey, said there had been “contamination, fly-tipping, litter issues, safety concerns and in some cases, lack of use” at the various sites.