Buckinghamshire’s young people to get to grips with a General Election.

Action4Youth are running a special workshop for young people to get a real insight into the election process in the UK.

The groups workshop is part of a personal and professional development scheme, ‘The Institution Programme.’

This new election-based session is from a partnership with Buckinghamshire County Council and is delivered to students aged 13 to 18 over 30 weeks throughout the academic year.

It aims to help students understand the range of activities involved in running an election, develop their critical thinking skills, and give them the opportunity to hear from councillors about their experiences of local elections.

Jenifer Cameron, Chief Executive of Action4Youth says: “Buckinghamshire County Council has put a lot of consideration into the session that they are running as part of The Inspiration Programme, making it a truly unique and engaging opportunity for the young people involved.

“How many people can say that they have been a ‘Party Leader’ and explained the headlines of their party’s manifesto?

“The programme really is a fantastic opportunity for young people to get inside the different organisations and services that contribute to society, giving them a much better understanding and focus for their own futures.”

As well as ‘The Inspiration Programme’, Chief Executive and Head of Policy at the council will host an event that aims to enhance young people’s understanding of the key skills needed for council roles, the importance of voting and the process of running an election on November 27.

For more information visit www.action4youth.org, call 0300 003 2334 or email office@action4youth.org.