Wycombe District Council deals with thousands of planning applications every year.

They range from house owners wanting to build an extension to new homes, shops, businesses and even chopping down trees.

Here are five of the best projects announced from last week - the council will now consider whether each should go ahead.

1 – John Hampden Grammar School, High Wycombe – The school have submitted plans for the construction of a new three storey classroom block, alongside additional parking, hard and soft landscaping and pedestrian access.

The new project will allow the school to cater for additional demand and prepare for a larger number of students in the future. It is hoped that by 2020, the new building will help increase the school’s capacity from 1050 to 1260.

Staff numbers will also increase as a result of the additional pupil capacity.

2 – Marlow Railway Station Approach, Marlow – Planners have submitted proposals to build three new buildings.

Each building will contain numerous new properties, 13 in total. The first building will have four two-bedroom flats and one single bedroom flat. The second building will have five two-bedroom flats and the third will have three two-bedroom flats.

The works will also include the erection of new fences, walls, new access routes, car parking and landscaping.

3 – 118 West Street, Marlow – A planning application to convert a property from a house to a hotel, with accompanying boarding and guest houses, has been lodged.

In the application, it is stated that the local community would not be affected by the change in use, and further tourism into the town will be encouraged as more accommodation will be available.

4 - Bassetsbury Lane, High Wycombe – An application to change the use of a place of worship to an office has been submitted.

The site currently contains the First Church of Christ Scientist, and the conversion plans to provide ancillary office space for the church. The offices will also be available to sublet and generate additional funds.

5 – Hawes Recycling Centre, High Wycombe – Proposals to build a new bailing shed for the sorting and bailing of plastics and cardboards for the purpose of recycling at the centre have been submitted.