AYLESBURY’S Beauty and the Beast this year was more interactive and fun-filled than ever, from hilariously crude jokes to moments of vocal excellence this panto had it all.

This years’ cast boasted many famous faces with much loved EastEnders star Danny Walters playing the Beast, starring alongside Andy Collins and La Voix, who gave a larger than life performance.

La Voix really stole the show with every scene she was in, striking the perfect balance between hilarity and glamour.

She frequently appeared on stage alongside Andy Collins who played her son ‘Louis Pot et Pan’, where the pair almost seemed to finish off each others witty comments.

The story began with ‘Hugo’, a man all the girls fall for, trying to charm the beautiful Belle, who just isn’t interested.

Belle immediately comes off as a strong female lead, hitting all the right notes with every song she performs.

The story then follows Belle’s father leave town to sell a painting when he stumbles across a decrepit castle where he hopes to stay for the night, but is greeted by the Beast.

Played by Danny Walters the Beast itself isn’t a stand out role. However, when paired with other characters such as the dame or Belle’s dad, the audience gets to see moments of comedy in the contrast of the emotionless beast and the other extravagant characters.

Belle’s father is imprisoned by the Beast but Belle finds him and agrees to stay locked in the castle to save her dad.

The first half is brought to an end with the Dame, Hugo, the Beast and Belle all performing a slow song together, each of their voices were strong and blended well together.

I was genuinely excited for the rest of the show during the interval.

So far we’d seen great dances from the main characters and the six supporting dancers, heard stunning vocals, enjoyed both family friendly and less suitable punchlines, all supported by incredible lighting and effects.

My guest commented that it felt more like being at a west end show than a panto.

The Dame and ‘Louis’ were back and somehow more hilarious then before.

Some of the jokes were cheesy and a little cringey but isn’t that what we all love about a pantomime anyway?

The 12 days of Christmas was a particular highlight, which was loved by all the children especially.

Children in the stalls were armed with water guns and by the end of the song, Louis came out into the crowd with one too.

A water fight essentially broke out in the theatre that was at this point filled with shrieks of laughter from the younger viewers, but also enjoyed by older ones too.

The story continues and we see Belle fall in love wit her captor the Beast, who also falling in love softens up and lets his guard down.

Finding out Belle loves someone else Hugo, who the audience loves to hate, snaps and goes after the beast.

After a slightly anti-climatic fight between the Beast and Hugo the Beast is impaled with Hugo’s sword.

But as the Beast and Belle reconcile and express their love for one another the Beasts curse is broken and revealed as a handsome prince, and for all the Eastenders and Benidorm fans, we FINALLY get to see Danny Walters minus the mask and tail.

This panto really had it all with each character completely holding their own.

The effects were incredible, the supporting dancers really helped make the scenes more extravagant, and we all came away from the evening having laughed a lot.

A professional, clean-cut, comedically brilliant show.

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