This is what you have been writing to us about this week.

I am delighted that Buckinghamshire Council (BC) has announced the details of how it will spend the future High Street funds of around £15m, including some funding from BC.

Developing The Curve as flexible use offices, the Chilterns Centre as modern apartments, purchasing key high street properties to redevelop for start-ups, and creating a cultural cluster around the theatre, are all great steps forward.

Well done to everyone who has worked hard behind the scenes to obtain this funding; it is tough to achieve this kind of thing.

Altering the undercrofts of the listed Little Market House and Guildhall could potentially be good - I say this cautiously - as long as they treat these architectural gems sympathetically.

I look forward to seeing what is proposed, as do many others in the High Wycombe Society who will be watching very carefully.

However I think it’s a great mistake to build above the fire station to create affordable housing.

A dated and garish fire station is already a poor ‘gateway’ focal point to the town, without wedging in some cheap accommodation upstairs as well.

What will it say to newcomers as the first thing they see on entering our town? Is that the best we can do?

Isn’t it time to move the fire station to another part of town and build the kind of ‘southern gateway’ and cultural cluster that we can all be proud of?

This town has a long and illustrious heritage of the creative arts and it’s time we showcased it appropriately.

Meanwhile, in the whole plan, the only mention we see of the river is a ‘riverside piazza’ adjacent to the fire station.

Is this all we’ll get despite the recent poll in this paper where 95% of the 2,300 respondents said they wanted the river brought back into the heart of the town?

A glorified water feature as a token gesture to placate those of us who care about the river? We can do better than that, can’t we?

Heather Morley, address withheld

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