The Labour candidate who will stand in the Chesham and Amersham constituency in the forthcoming general election has been announced.

Matt Turmaine currently works as a district councillor in Holywell, Watford, and was raised in the constituency having been born in Amersham hospital.

Mr Turmaine stood for election in the 2015 General Election in Watford, finishing in second place with 26 per cent of the vote share.

Matt said: “I am thrilled to be representing Labour in the constituency I was born and raised in. I grew up here and it feels like coming home.”

“I understand the problems that many people face in this constituency.

“I have a young family and I know that only a Jeremy Corbyn-led Labour government will deliver the policies, certainty and support that families and businesses really need.”

“The current system is failing nearly everyone. You don’t have to be on the bread line, or one of the people who have a job but still need to use the food bank to see that the way we live now can’t go on. We have to address these problems.

“People in work being paid a real living wage lead better quality, happier lives and so do their families. They’re more productive too.

“We also have to address wider issues that affect us all. Our public service infrastructure is creaking at the seams as ever more housing developments are built without appropriate support services being factored in.

“You only have to look at the state of the roads to know they need investment.

“Commuters are paying for ever-increasing annual season tickets, with poorer service. Nobody’s salary increase, if they have had one, has kept up with these prices.

“This election is also about global issues that we need to address. Most scientists believe we have only a few years to act on climate change before it becomes catastrophic.

“Labour will act and deliver on this, as our commitment to a Green New Deal makes clear.”

Nina Dluzewka, chair of Chesham and Amersham CLP said: “The Labour Party is well-placed to make gains in this general election.

“Brexit and the consequences of nearly a decade of austerity have had impacts on families who would normally vote Conservative or Liberal Democrat. People recognise that things have got to change. Labour offers them hope.”