A suspected dangerous driver was arrested by police following a chase in Hazlemere.

Officers in the Thames Valley Roads Policing unit were on patrol in Hazlemere last night (Wednesday) when they noticed a car on the road which they suspected had no road tax or insurance.

When they went to pull the driver over, he would not stop and led the police on a chase that lasted for several minutes.

When the officers eventually caught up with the driver, they arrested him for suspected dangerous driving.

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In a post on social media the officers pointed out that if he had just pulled over when they asked, he would have been able to go home afterwards.

TVP Roads Policing said: "After enquiries were carried out the driver was arrested on suspicion of dangerous driving.

"We will not tolerate dangerous driving and you will be arrested.

"Had the driver just stopped as requested by the officers he would have been dealt with at the side of the road and sent on his way albeit on foot.

"The car has also been seized"