A driver who has had two near misses on a new High Wycombe junction has said it is “dangerous” and an “accident waiting to happen”.

Suffield Hill, which was the final section of High Wycombe’s ‘alternative route’ near the new Centre Square development on the old gas works site, has been a controversial addition to the road system – with one driver going as far as saying it is “dangerous”.

The new road has been designed to a “slow and steady” brief – with narrowed traffic lanes, central reservations and new pavements and road surfacing.

But one driver – who wanted to remain anonymous – has said she has almost been in two crashes when trying to turn right onto Suffield Road from the new Suffield Hill.

She told the Bucks Free Press: “I am a regular user of Desborough Road and as I can no longer access it from Lily’s Walk I have to go up the new link road called Suffield Hill and turn right to get back en route to home.

“I have had two near misses turning right onto Suffield Road from Suffield Hill. The primary cause of these near misses is that waiting to turn right during busy periods the gradient is so steep that it is impossible to see far enough to the left for oncoming traffic from the direction of the hospital and the university.”

She has urged Bucks County Council to look at what can be done to improve safety on the new road.

She added: “As a clearly dangerous junction this needs urgent review to make it safer, otherwise it is an accident waiting to happen.”

Other drivers have also raised concerns about safety on the “steep” hill.

Mel Vickers said: “Turning on the brow of a hill where you can’t see? It’s a no from me.”

Sarah Priestley added: “I’m surprised that the camber at the top of the ‘hill’ junction is permitted because it feels dangerous to drive even on a dry day. It would be much improved if there was a roundabout at the top of Suffield Hill. There is space for it if you remove the pedestrian area.”

In response to the concerns, Mark Shaw, transport chief at Bucks County Council, said new signs and markings have been introduced to help drivers.

He said: “I’m sorry to hear this motorist is having difficulty with the new junction and I’m grateful for the feedback.

“The brand new junctions are part of the new alternative route through High Wycombe which opened in November. The arrangement of the new junctions is key to help strategic traffic movements associated with the new route and to maintain slow and steady traffic flows.

“Following the opening of the new link road an independent road safety review was completed. We've also reviewed signing as part of the road scheme and put in additional signs and markings to help direct motorists.

“We'll continue to monitor the new alternative route as motorists get used to the new arrangements.”

Mark explained that planning constraints dictated a right-turn restriction at the junction with Lily's Walk, Desborough Road and Suffield Hill.